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Lovvare Trim-Biotic+ delivers a complete blend of prebiotics and probiotics as well as the added benefits of Aloe, Psyllium, Turmeric, Slippery Elm and Inulin to help get you moving. Lovvare’s Trim-Biotic+ contains all natural ingredients and is free of sugar, milk fats, glucose and any added synthetic ingredients. 

Supports a Healthy Digestive System

Supports Weight Loss

Longest Survivability Rate

Promotes Healthy Complexion

Gut Health
Weight Loss
Skin Health

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Key ingredients

Turmeric Root, Slippery Elm, LactoWise™, Prebiotics, Probiotics, OptiBiome®, Fiber

How to use

Take 2 capsules daily (1) in the morning and (1) in the evening.

    TRIM-BIOTIC+ - Lovvare TRIM-BIOTIC+ - Lovvare

    The Lovvare Promise

    Take control of your gut health with Trim-biotic

    A 2018 systematic meta-analysis and review that included 12 (RCTs) randomized controlled trials and 821 participants found that those who participated in probiotic supplementation showed a more significant reduction in body weight, waist circumference, BMI and body fat than control groups. Participants who received higher doses of probiotics reported a more significant loss of body fat.

    Turmeric Root

    An important herb that has been used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that helps support healthy joint mobility, relieves digestive distress and aids in fat metabolism. Over 10,000 studies have been published on the positive benefits of Turmeric Root.

    Slippery Elm

    Slippery Elm Extract is a powerful antioxidant that provides a soothing effect on the intestinal tract and digestive system while cleansing excess waste from the colon. Trim-biotic also contains Psyllium, which can provide benefits to the heart, pancreas and other areas of the body.


    LactoWise® is comprised of a combination of Shelf Stable Probiotics + Natural Soluble Fiber (Prebiotics) that uses patented technology designed to last longer in the digestive tract than any any other probiotic. Shelf-stable probiotics have a higher survivability rate than probiotics requiring refrigeration.


    Prebiotics provide the fuel needed by your beneficial gut bacteria to thrive. Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed your gut microbes to help them maintain balance in order to prevent the wrong types of bacteria from easily colonizing.


    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help maintain a healthy digestive system. Probiotics help to break down the food in your digestive tract and can also help in weight maintenance since your microbiome largely dictates ease of weight loss or gain.


    OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 is a novel, new food grade probiotic. It is a gram-positive, spore-forming, facultative anaerobe, catalase-positive rod bacterium.


    I'm drawn to this trim-biotic because it survives stomach acids and bile. In addition I've grown to trust the products from this company. My health plan has been to include a probiotic and this is the one I've chosen. No issues and I'm happy with it.

    Greg S..

    I use this Probiotics along with eating organic plain yogurt and Curds a couple of days a week and my tummy is happy!

    John R.

    Many probiotics upset my stomach, not these they are great. Absolutely no issues and I feel good taking them.

    Valerie K.

    Why are Probiotics important for the body?

    Trim-Biotic + is a daily complete blend of prebiotic and probiotics. Plus it contains the additional beneficial ingredients of Aloe, Psyllium, Turmeric, Slippery Elm and Inulin. Digestive Plus Probiotic contains ONLY  all-natural ingredients and is free of sugars, milk fats, glucose and any unwanted ingredients.

    More than just a Probiotic

    Probiotics play an important role in supporting a healthy digestive system, Lovvare Trim-Biotic+ contains both prebiotic and probiotics as well as turmeric, slippery elm, aloe, fiber, inulin and psyllium.

     Lovvare Trim-Biotic + Offers:

    Improved Digestion
    with our advanced probiotic formula

    Gut - Flora Support
    with active prebiotics and probiotics that are essential to a balanced microbiome

    Bloating and Discomfort
    with the added benefits of slippery elm, fibre and psyllium to coat and soften the bowels naturally.

    Take control of your gut health from the inside out

    Gut health is undoubtedly a subject that is gaining a lot of attention, not only in mainstream
    media but also from the natural health community.


    Probiotics have been shown to support a healthy immune system.

    Digestive Health

    Supports normal digestion of your food, and in some cases the probiotic bacteria themselves actually produce vitamins & neurotransmitters.


    The use of probiotics may help to provide support for a healthy urinary tract in women.


    Probiotics have been shown to positively support the skin.

    Promotes Weight Loss

    Supports normal digestion of your food, which can promote a healthy weight.

    Boosts Cognitive Function

    The use of probiotics can help with cognitive function and support a positive mood.

    Longest lasting and shelf stable

    OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 is very shelf stable. Stability testing of OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40's stability was conducted over a 24-month period at ambient temperature and showed that OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 has at least a 24 month shelf life. OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 was counted at the time of manufacturing and stored at ambient temperature (21±30C.) Total spore count analyses were conducted at several intervals during the 24 month period. Figure 3 below shows OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40's shelf stability over 24 months at ambient temperature.

    Thrives in the digestive system

    OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 is durable even in harsh pH environments. An in vitro study was designed to simulate the inherent pH and retention time of a substance (meal) held in the human stomach.

    Percentage survival rate of OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 was tested by counting viable spores after a 4 hour incubation at pH 2, 4, 6, and 7 at 37°C. This count was then divided by the total count of the unincubated control to generate the percent survival shown in Figure 2 below.

    Trust Lovvare to deliver the finest natural supplements

    Lovvare is dedicated to supporting your natural wellness with synergistic formulations passionately designed to support the entire body and immune system.

    Take 2 Trim-Biotic+ capsules daily. (1) in the morning and (1) in the evening.

    Gluten Friendly

    Vegan Friendly

    GMO Free

    Made in

    Still have Questions?

    What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in certain foods or supplements. Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

    What can Prebiotics and Probiotics do for me?

    Probiotic supplements are designed to deliver very specific species of bacteria to the human gut. However, not all probiotic supplements are of the same quality or contain the same quantity of bacteria. Lovvare formula delivers a perfect balance of prebiotics and probiotics to achieve a healthy digestion and gastrointestinal activity.

    Is this Product 100% Natural?

    All Lovvare products contain no artificial flavors, ingredients, preservatives or additives.

    What are the main Ingredients of this Formula?

    Our Proprietary prebiotics and probiotic blend contains the added support of Turmeric root, slippery elm, LactoWise ™, the most prevalent forms of prebiotics are nutritionally classed as "soluble fiber", OPTI-BIOME® Bacillus subtilis MB40 is a novel, new food grade probiotic. It is a gram-positive, spore-forming, facultative anaerobe, catalase-positive rod bacterium.

    What is the recommended serving for this product?

    For Digestive support take (2) two capsules daily. For best results take (1) one capsule in the morning and (1) one capsule in the evening.

    How often should I consume pre and probiotics?

    Prebiotics and Probiotics are only ‘visitors’ in your intestine and will disappear, together with their health benefits, when not consumed regularly. A daily dose of probiotics is recommended in order to maintain a healthy intestinal environment

    How should I store the product?

    Refrigeration is recommended whenever possible to maintain full potency of the probiotics over time. However, Lovvare prebiotics and probiotics are stable (effective) for up to 24 months at room temperature when sealed in the original package.

    Can this product be taken by children?

    Probiotics can be consumed at all ages as part of a balanced diet. Before birth, a baby’s gut is sterile and the immune system immature. The gut microflora of a baby begins to develop at birth. Breast-feeding, or consumption of an infant formula with probiotics, continues the development of a baby’s gut microflora. As a child grows and changes diet, the microflora in the gut develops accordingly. By the age of two or three, most children have a fairly stable intestinal balance. Their immune system has also matured considerably. Both, may nevertheless, benefit from a continued daily portion of probiotics.

    Can this product be taken during pregnancy?

    During pregnancy, mothers-to-be often have digestive problems. Consuming probiotics regularly is a safe and effective measure that may help to prevent digestive disorders and promote overall wellness.

    Can nursing mothers use this product?

    It is recommended to consult with your medical provider before consuming any form of supplementation.

    Is this product FDA approved?

    Probiotics are considered to be “GRAS” or “generally accepted as safe”. This classification is given to products that are composed of ingredients that are natural or have been safely used for many years.