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Skin Health Mister Bundle

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Lovvare’s Skin Health Mister Bundle provides unmatched support for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Products Included: Advanced Collagen+® Tone Active+® and the NanoMister®


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Tone Active+

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Skin Health Mister Bundle Details

Our Advanced Collagen+®is a cellular rejuvenation blend comprised of some of the most effective ingredients studied to improve collagen synthesis to turn back the first signs of cellulite and the signs of aging . Our collagen has been clinically-studied to provide anti-aging benefits, skin hydration and wrinkle reduction. This product is the first defense against cellulite!!!! If you blend the collagen into your humic powder daily drink, half scoop of collagen will give you ONE month supply.

– With humic and fulvic acid, hyaluronic acid, Alkaline Nano Silver, Biotin.

– Your first defense against CELLULITE!!!

Our Tone Active+® daily facial toner contains 32 PPM Triple Action Nano-Silver™ technology for maximum health benefits. Tone Active+® is powered by our blend of clean, non-irritating problem-skin fighting ingredients. Combines the benefits of a cleanser and toner to help purify pores and deliver skin clarity. Tone Active+® helps remove any traces of excess oil, make-up and dirt by thoroughly cleaning and closing pores while restoring your skinʼs natural PH balance.

Our NanoMister® provides your face with a gentle mist of hydration for proper application! This convenient device has a soothing light and produces an ambient mist of Triple Action Nano-Silver™. It’s travel-size, refillable and has a capacity of 25ml, making it perfect for on-the-go use. To fill, remove the silicone stopper and add the desired amount of Triple Action Nano-Silver™ and replace the stopper. Utilize the nozzle shield to activate the mist. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), the Nano Mister weighs 56g. Enjoy a calming glow while in use.

 Brighter Healthier Skin

 Body pH Balance

 Cellular Rejuvenation

Body ph Balance - Healthier skin

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