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HumiGenix Soil Conditioner

USD $39.99 available on subscription

Humigenix Soil Conditioner is an organic dry soluble humic acids powder, containing 64% humic acids derived from peat (HTPA method).


OVERALL BENEFITS OF HUmigenix soil enhancer

  • Enhances seed germination.
  • A complete platform for soil and plant health, fertilizer and water-use efficiency
  • Enhances soil and plant metabolic activities.
  • Major energy sources for beneficial microbes.
  • Liberates carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonates and enhances root rhizodeposition.
  • Specialized microbes enhance soil and organic matter mineralization.
  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria.
  • Compete with plants and soil pathogenic species.
  • Reduce oxidized forms (redox) of certain metal ions. In other words, they form radiant energy.
  • Enhance metabolisms of proteins’ RNA and DNA.
  • They have a unique affinity for chemical balance.
  • They contain polysaccharides, amino acids, gibberellins, auxins, and cytokinin’s for plant growth.
  • Reduces abiotic stresses from soil and plants.
  • Enhances aerobic respiration.
  • Activates biochemical processes, their secondary reactions, chemical affinity last over 200 days.


We extract the raw material from a remote location by using lower parts of the bog material leaving the echo system completely intact and not destroying mother earth ability to create this raw carbon material

Made from specialized “wet chemistry” extraction of humic and fulvic acids in a 100% soluble granule form. Our process begins with the highest quality raw materials, which are then micro-pulverized in their naturally dry form, precisely blended into our proprietary alkaline wet chemistry formulas, and subsequently micro-quad filtered to separate all insoluble materials.

Using our method of “wet chemistry” extraction process, we ACTIVATE the humic acid molecules, making them more functional and enhancing their plethora of abilities, namely complete ionization, high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacities), buffering, chelation, and complexation.

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In sharp contrast, other competitors’ methods of non-alkaline extraction (non-ionized) do NOT activate those functional humic molecules, thus drastically reducing their benefits.